Monday, 8 August 2016

To Wine or Not To Wine.

A bride told me last week that the corking fee at a venue she looked at was $22 PER bottle.  I almost fell off my chair, almost flung my overpriced Starbucks iced coffee right in the air, almost laughed at the sheer insanity of the idea that a venue would or COULD charge that. At that moment, more than ever, I understood her choice to have a backyard wedding. She then said she really didn't care all that much for serving table wine at her wedding but would rather do something fun and inspired. We discussed her options for table beverages, which led me to writing this blog. What used to be expectancies of a wedding or event are now merely options in the vast variety OF options available.  Your event is YOURS. Make the most of the opportunity to be creative and have fun with the idea of beverages on your table. No one ever said the road most travelled was always the 'right one.'

*(Of course, keep in mind the rules and requirements of the venue or location you are holding your event at to ensure you are allotted this decision in the first place.)

Imagine a beautiful fall event, decorations plentiful with the humbly vibrant colours of the season, the falling leaves, the crisp air and CIDER. This isn't just #1 on the list because its my personal favourite, okay maybe it is, but also because of what you could do with this idea. Pear, Apple, Cinnamon. The options continue; individual serve in mason jars, antique glass swing tops, hollowed out apples. It's something unique, affordable (wine stores often sell kits!) and most of all, delicious.

Now, hear me out on this one. With the increasing popularity of craft beer, the way in which it is bottled, sold and presented has changed dramatically, becoming quite aesthetically pleasing.  If you want to highlight your favourite kind of beer or you just plain and simple, have a 'beer drinking crowd'-this option may be for you. You can highlight your table decor with a vintage looking growler full of the finest local brew or have custom engraved swing tops or growlers with table numbers. It's off the cuff, but a great alternative. 

An event is a celebration, is it not? Why not indulge a bit and opt for some bubbly? Some would say this option is too much like wine but I like to refer to it more as wine's fun cousin. If your someone always looking for something a little different but don't want to wander into completely unconventional territory than this option may be for you. It's sophisticated, unique and who doesn't love a little Bambino every now and then. Yes, I said Bambino. (it doesn't have to be expensive to be good!)

Have an idea for your very own "off the cuff" table beverage? Let Alewife help with the planning! Website in "About Us"-check it out! 


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