Wednesday, 2 May 2018

5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Bartending Service!

You may be asking yourself "Why do I need to hire a professional bartender-Can't I have my friends cousins boyfriend and his best friend work the event?" Yes, you can. But there are some things to consider when selecting the individual(s) working your event and how they measure up to the professionals. 

1. Ready, much? A good professional bartending company should be able to assist you, not only with WHAT to serve to best suit your event and guests but also HOW MUCH. This will ensure you are adequately stocked for the event and also prevent you from over spending on your liquor, mix and garnishes. No one wants to be the host making the 9pm vodka run or serving lukewarm rye and gingers due to a depleted ice supply. Professional services eliminate these unfortunate circumstances.

2. Hi, Can I get two fingers of whiskey, neat and a cosmopolitan with a twist? A professional bartender will have the knowledge and experience to create a variety of drinks, providing the guests the opportunity to indulge in their favourite that they may seldom enjoy. 

3. The Suzy Homemaker of the Event. A professional bartender will come early to set up the bar, stock the supplies and ensure everything is in the place for the commencement of your event. The bar staff will also keep the bar area tidy the entire night and do a final cleanup of the area when the party concludes, this allows you to give your full attention to your guests. A professional bartender will take the wheel so you can enjoy the night, as you should!

4. Fluidity. It is common that guests tend to percolate at the bar area. Sometimes this can create quite a cluster of unorganized guests. Being organized and experienced while serving at a high volume is something that is essential to the success of the bar at any event. Professional bar staff work with efficiency to ensure any lineup is processed quickly, all while providing great customer service. 

5. What happens when Aunt Rita's had to much champagne? Any professional bartending company in Ontario must have Smart Serve Certified bartenders working their events, which assures you that they have the adequate education and training to serve your guests responsibly. Experienced bartenders can recognize if Uncle Timm has had a few too many rum and cokes and can respectfully and discreetly stop serving alcohol to him. This action prevents the host from having to de-escalate any unnecessary conflicts and eliminates any situation that can negatively reflect their event.

And there you have it! A few of the many reasons hiring a professional bartender will push your event above the rest, ensuring quality, quantity, availability, functionality, fluidity and safety and security. Next time you are hosting an event consider what we can do for you and visit us at