Monday, 15 August 2016

F.A.Q's ...The Alewife Edition

Since going full steam ahead with Alewife, I've gotten such an incredible response from not only friends and family but from the demographic I hope to reach. (Already getting inquiries for 2018 Weddings!)
But along with any new endeavour, questions do arise on the service(s) you are providing and the details surrounding them. Below I will highlight the questions I have received and how I answer them.

What do you actually do?
Alewife Event Bartending provides professional bar services. We supply certified and experienced bartenders, we rent out mobile bars and decor, we do 'full service' orders; providing bars, bartenders, supplies, mix, license and liquor procurement and every detail in-between. We take the metaphorical wheel and handle the entire bar aspect off the hands of the host/planner/etc. 

What are your "specialty services?"
Specialty services are what we offer that wedding planners have told me "no one else does."
If you want to do a vintage inspired lemonade stand pre-ceremony for your wedding guests or a craft beer sampling station for your Jack and Jill-we can do it! It allows you to be creative and have fun-without the work. 

What if I just need bartenders?
Sounds great! We have an inventory of certified, experienced, eager and energetic bartenders to tend to the bar at your event. They handle set up, clean up, provide a float and bar utensils. 

Can't I just hire bartenders from my catering company?
Of course you can! Just be mindful of the difference in WHAT is being supplied for how MUCH, quality and cost. Some caterers will lead you to believe you HAVE to hire them for the bar aspect. and they tend to charge on the higher side for those bartending services, a lot of the times adding a mandatory 18% gratuity-without any added benefits. At Alewife we like to provide MORE for LESS. Fair rates, great service and a main focus-making the bar a hit.

When in my planning process should I contact Alewife about my event?
To ensure we are available for your date...the sooner the better! As an example of how our clients book us; we still have dates available in 2017 but we have already started booking for the 2018 season, with Spring to Fall being our busiest time of year. Reaching out to us early, not only secures our services for the date of your event, but also allows you the ability to cross that off your 'to do' list and focus on other aspects of your event. 

Do you just service weddings?
A great deal of our business comes from wedding and wedding related events but we revel in the ability to work events of all different natures. Birthday parties, retirements, corporate functions, fundraisers, holiday parties-if there is a bar at your event, we would love to service it. 

Where can I get more information about Alewife Event Bartending?
To learn about us and our services, you can visit us at a number of different online outlets; Facebook: Alewife Event Bartending, our Website:, send us an email at OR you can come visit our booth at the Quinte Bridal Show on Sunday, October 16th. 

Why did you start this business? 
Passion. Enjoyment. Fulfillment. Alewife came to be out of a passion to work with people, an enjoyment in providing the services we do and the fulfillment in the knowledge that you helped clients in their pursuit for a flawless event and bringing to life their ideas. 

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