Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Having Fun with Signature Drinks

With websites like Pinterest becoming the holy grail of event planning, it's no surprise to see a sudden increase in requests from clients for something "a little different." Sometimes they want to go big with their ideas, sometimes small-but always something unique, fun and significant.

Enter Signature Drinks.

Recently I have fallen in love with the creation and decoration of signature drinks. Whether it be for the guest of honour at her 50th birthday party, a bride and groom's own favourite drinks or the drink that best reflects the cause of the fundraiser, signature drinks are the new "oh la la" of any bar aspect. It allows people to incorporate their own little touch into the bar to make it stand out, with possibilities and tastes that are endless. 

Here are some tip, tricks and general info about making signature drinks a part of your event:

Ingredient List. This is important for a variety of reasons; from allergies to "Oh my Gosh, I CANNOT drink tequila," to "I want to make that at home"-ensure your providing your guests with the ability to bow out of or take on the signature drink you have selected to serve at your event.

Decoration. My absolute, hands down, favourite part of handling signature drinks for my clients is decoration. Whether your matching it to your existing decor, reflecting the actual drink or something in between, everyone loves a decorated drink. Berry garnishes, straw flags, hot pink sugar rim, drink labels, mint infused ice cubes- the possibilities are truly endless.

Do You. Not everyone is going to like your favourite drink. I go gaga for an ice cold gin and limeade. I probably couldn't pay half of my friends to even consider ingesting it but if it were my event, THAT would be my signature drink. Why? Because it's my favourite. When it comes to things unique to you, be true to yourself and your tastes. 

Do You Part 2. Don't be afraid to incorporate things like your background into your signature drinks. Use your grandmas favourite sangria recipe or a beverage representative of your nationality. People love to experience new things so don't be afraid to give them the opportunity to.

Presentation. Another aspect important to the art of signature drinks if how you present said drinks. Champagne service, vintage inspired lemonade stand with all the fix ins or sample whisky tasting displayed on hand crafted bark tree tiers, once again, options are endless. 

Have FUN! Silly drink names, fun signs, tongue in check slogans. Signature drinks are the tasty appetizer to the sometimes mundane regular bar offerings, its something to get people talking, laughing, enjoying. So, have fun with it!

Contact Alewife about having signature drinks at your event, we can't wait to hear what you have come up with and how we can help knock it out of the park!

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